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We turn air into a tool

Continental Industrie Blowers are a benchmark in reliability and efficiency in air and gas applications. With more than 40 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing of centrifugal blowers and exhausters and more than thirty thousand machines installed, Continental Industrie Blowers and Exhausters are the symbol of reliability and confidence for continuous duty and extremely rugged service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over the last few years, our R&D department has been concentrating its efforts on optimising the efficiency of our machines and offer a new generation of centrifugal Blowers. As a result, Continental Industrie can now offer a new generation of high efficiency Blowers delivering from 100 to 55.000 m3/h dry, clean, non pulsating air with pressures of 1,1 Bar and vacuums of up to 6.700 mm H2O (WG).

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Note*: Available only at Singapore & Malaysia

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers & Exhausters

More than 40 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of centrifugal machines with several thousand machines installed.

Casing Impeller Assembly Bearing Housings
Model 008 Model 020 Model 251 Model 400 Model 031 Model 051
Model 451 Model 500 Model 077 Model 151 Model 600 Model 700

Singlestage Turbo Compressor

The Continental CC series air blowers are modern flow-through machines designed for the compression of larges gas volumes at low compression ratios.

Body of Blower Impeller Labyrinth Seal
Model CC-210 Model CC-253 Model CC-650 Model CC-340 Model CC-380
Model CC-850 Model CC-500 Model CC-560 Model CC-950

Side Channel Blowers

Low noise, high reliability and low maintenance of this product makes highly suitable for any kind of applications. Significant energy saving.

CBSC series Operating Principle CBSC series CBSC + series
Model CBSC - P1 Model CBSC 0 - P3 Model CBSC 5 - P3 Model CBSC 6 - P3 Model CBSC 1 - P3 Model CBSC 2 - P3
Model CBSC 7 - P3 Model CBSC + P1 Model CBSC 3 - P3 Model CBSC 4 - P3 Model CBSC + P3 Model CBSC + P3D