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The best of British manufacturing

Dycem is a long established British manufacturing company with a strong reputation for quality and reliability in its two core markets. Today, Dycem is sold globally in over 50 countries to many of the world’s leading corporations through a network of specialist distributors and partners.

Unique applications call for very innovative solutions. That's where our dedicated customer team comes in. They'll help assess your exact needs and specify the best solution possible. Companies and individuals worldwide have trusted Dycem to produce unique and creative products for almost 50 years.

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Dycem Non-Slip Products

Dycem has been manufacturing non-slip solutions since 1966. Our headquarters are in Bristol, England and Warwick, Rhode Island, USA.

Dycem's Product Range

Our Dycem Non-Slip products are ideal daily living aids, for both independent living and caregivers. There is a range of products to suit everyone's needs, from non-slip mats and coasters to specially designed non-slip openers.

Non-Slip Reel Material Mats Coasters Cup Holders
Floor Mats Netting Cello Mats Bottle Openers
Promotional Items Self Adhesive Slip Product Care Arthritis Aids
Jar Openers Super Grip Tape    

Dycem Contamination Control

Dycem is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control floor solutions for critical environments and clean rooms.

Dycem's Product Range.

We have a wide range of product options, including loose laid mats, fixed mats and bespoke floor coverings to suit your individual needs.

It is important to choose the right size Zone, as correct sizing optimises both performance and life cycle.

CleanZone WorkZone Protectamat Access Tiles
Wall Panel Bench Mat Lab Mat CleanZone - Lite
Dycem Grip Technology Dycem Push Pads