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Foshan-KAMUI Heat Exchanger Co., LTD is joint venture corporation between KAMUI Company LTD (Japan)and Foshan Constant Hydraulic Machinery Co., LTD (China) .It was established in July 18th,1994 with a total investment of USD 4.6 million and registered capital of USD.2.5 million, covering and area of 25,000 square meters. specializing in water-cooled and air-cooled heat exchangers.

It is an advanced high-tech corporation of Guangdong province and has acquired the qualification to make the pressure vessel (D2 class).It has built the production system strictly based on technology and production management pattern of KAMUI Japan, and has been granted ISO 9001 ver.2000.Various kinds of water-cooled and air-cooled heat exchangers are designed and produced by advanced technology and equipment both at home and abroad.

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Water-Cooled Heat

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Water-cooled Heat Exchanger of SL Series Water-cooled Heat Exchanger of FC Series Water-cooled Heat Exchanger of BC Series  

Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger AN series Radiator type Heat exchanger AOA-A series Heat Exchanger ADC series Radiator type Heat exchanger AN-E series
Heat Exchanger ZB series Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger HP-J series Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger - YHP series Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger air-cooled HP-Y series
Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Composite Heat Exchanger      

Heat Exchanger for Power Pack

FKE Series of plate heat exchanger Brazed Heat Exchanger Heat Exchange Unit